About us

EastBanc Inc. is a multinational company, which due to its core strength of real estate development, has also expanded to have interests both in technology and lifestyle segments.

Within its Real Estate Development arm, EastBanc specializes in the acquisition, redevelopment and management of commercial real estate assets, in particular in the area of urban revitalization.

In addition to its core developments in Washington DC, EastBanc has a significant presence in Portugal both in development and property management and has pursued opportunities in other parts of Europe, including North and South America, and the Arabian Gulf.

In its 35-year history, EastBanc has invested over $5BN worldwide achieving a record of steady outsized investor returns.Its long-term strategy emphasizes value creation in targeted markets, specifically by influencing sizable portions of urban streetscape with significant capital upgrades and master-planned leasing. With a focus on revitalization and urban mixed-use development, EastBanc projects include upscale retail luxury residential, Class A and B office, and luxury hotels.

In its search to enrich the urban landscape in which it has invested, EastBanc has also reached out in to investing and building restaurant,sport,and retailconcepts.

EastBanc expanded into Technology over 20 years ago with EastBanc Technologies, which supports and creates custom technical design Solutions and Software Development.

In everything it does, EastBanc targets unique, untraditional ideas and strategies that ultimately result in minimal competition and outsized returns over the long term.

Eastbanc offers the opportunity to grow your career and to advance in the real estate investment industry. We seek out the brightest and foster a culture that believes in “working smart” within collaborative teams while allowing your personal strengths and successes to shine through.

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